Fire Sliding Door

KAEFER‘s Fire Sliding Door A-60 is a coordinated system, which has been continually refined since 1980.

The automatic sliding doors are available as „single“ and „double“ types in various sizes. When closed, these doors meet the fire protection regulations for A-60 products in escape routes according to SOLAS standards.

All products comply with the Hong Kong International Convention requirements.


  • Alarm horn
  • Stainless steel safety contact bar
  • Permanent monitoring of door movements
  • All electrical, live and mechanical parts in acc. with international standards
  • The dimension of the gap is designed to fulfill the US-standards for elevator doors as recognised of being harmless (category “0”)


  • Approval certificates (DNV Module B & D, SDoC, DoC)
  • Product specification and function description
  • Installation and maintenance instructions
  • Spare part lists
  • Safety notes


  • The central power supply for the system comes directly from the ship’s uninterruptable power supply
  • Alarm is processed from local fire door release switches, temperature fuses or


  • Custom tailored solutions
  • Installation by KAEFER or self-installation
  • Worldwide, after sales service and supply of spare parts, maintenance and repair
Experience how a fire sliding door closes.

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Technical Details

Door leaf − available materials:

> Primed
> Laminatd in colors
> Laminated AISI 304

Drive type:

> Electrical, A-60

Size Range (width x height)

Minimum size:

> c/o 800 mm x c/h 1,000 mm

Maximum size:

> c/o 5,000 mm x c/h 5,000 mm

Maximum surface:

> 25 m²


1 − Frame:
Flame labyrinth geometry at bulkhead

2 − Door leaf:
Ceramic compound material with stainless steel edges

6 − Door inlet:
Stainless steel flame labyrinth at inlet edge

7 − Sill:
Guides door leaf with guiding pins

9 − Control box:
Insulation for motor, battery and circuit board

22 − Interface box:
Serial interface between door system and ship

Technical Features

  • Profiles, safety bar, handles, handle-plates and hose port hinge made of stainless steel

  • Drive available as a fully integrated or decoupled system

  • Software solution instead of fixing solenoid

Power Supply

Operation voltage:

> 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz


Module B

> MEDB00004DV

Module B

> MEDB00004G4

Module B

> MEDB00005TB

Module B

> MEDB00005TA

Module D

> MEDD00000DN