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Meet KAEFER Finland Employees

On this web-page you will get a chance to meet KAEFER Finland Employees from various departments.

Sampsa Järveläinen

Managing Director

Heidi Wetterstrand

HR and Administration

Niels Vuorenlinna

Head of Finance

Kasimir Kovasin

Head of Shipbuilding

Ville Aaltonen

Project Manager

Sakari Varis

Site Manager

Kai Vainio

Senior Project Manager

Antti Komi

Project Director Refurbishment

Jukka Visasalo

Senior Project Manager

Maija Knutar

Purchase Coordinator & Estimations

Tuomas Marttila


Ida-Maria Lehtonen

Senior Purchaser

René Westman

Head of Industry

Tatu Mickelsson

Project Calculation and Inquiries

Kai Penttinen

Project Manager/ Porvoo

Timo Pohjonen

Project Manager, Industry Projects